H  e  a  r  t  C  o  i  n

I Have A Dream

I have a dream, 

that some day,

every major and minor charity foundation,

will have H( implemented on their platform.

I have a dream

that through this,

money will no longer,

just be made by banks, and bankers,

by writing out debts,

lending out money to clients,

but also by charity organizations,

all over the world,

after receiving donations,

just by giving back, 

exactly what is received,

and hereby creating a capital,

a capital for the 21st century, 

and the 22nd,

and later on,

for generations to come,


in any form, shape, and amount, 

the wealth and riches,


known so far,

by mankind.

I have a dream,

that people will reshape their perception,

and alter appreciation,

of possession,


and wealth.

I have a dream,

that soon people,

will recognize the beauty of goods, 

and material things,

in the specific value,

and purpose, 

of sharing them,

instead of owning them.

I have a dream,

that this will contribute,

to ending hyper production of goods and things,

and to stimulating the production of beautiful, 


and very durable goods and things,

instead of crappy cheap sh#t.

I have a dream,

that this will eventually,

end polluting our beautiful Earth,

our home planet,

end producing garbage,

and that gradually, 


mankind will recognize,

and accept its place,

role and function,

in perfect balance, and harmony,

with nature.

I have a dream... 

H(   Imagine!